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Messick Performance and Endurance Horses Facebook Page

Messick Performance and Endurance Horses Facebook Page

I'm excited to present Messick Performance and Endurance Horses. Not just Quarter Horses any mor...e. As I moved from the show world to the Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance Riding worlds, I needed to change some bloodlines too.

I posted photos of my Rushcreek Arab mares that are in foal to Zee Business for next summer! These Arabs are bred to do ranch work and endurance!

I'm looking forward to sharing what my plans are for lessons and training here at my barn, as well as Centered Riding clinics and Western Dressage lessons with outside instructors. Training, health, grooming, and whatever tips I pick up along the way.

Preparing for the Ride Facebook Page

Preparing for the Ride

This group can be for you if you do 5 mile rides or 100 mile ride. I’m starting this group as a support to myself, and to anyone else that wants to join, in learning all I can about the sport of Endurance Riding. We all can learn more about conditioning our horses and ourselves to endure our trail and endurance rides without having health issues. We can learn more about nutrition, saddle and tack fit, metabolics, terrain issues, and so much more. I want to hear what wor...ks for others and try what would seem to work for me. We can share so much knowledge, but we won’t debate. Read what others have to say, and take away what works for you, without negative discussion. I will journey my riding, and comment on something every day. I hope you can do the same. I’ll bring up a topic and feel free to share your knowledge. But keep the discussion relevant to the day’s topic. And take personal conversation to a private message, please.

I hope you come along and Prepare for your Ride Too!

Let's discuss how to "Prepare for the Ride". Have Faith in yourself and in your horse. Learn what is best for you and your horse. And most importantly, have Fun! Whether you are preparing for Endurance rides, CTR's or a long trail ride, condition your horse and yourself for the ride. Follow along and share in the discussion. Learn from others. There is a lot of people with lots of available advice that we can learn from. Most important... stay true to yourself and your horse, do what is best for you, take your time to get where you want to be, have fun, and most important, Believe in yourself and in your horse! 

And remember ... To Finish is to Win.

Horses Are Our Lives Blog

Horses Are Our Lives Blog

Memorial Day. 

A day to remember.... the military who have kept and our keeping our Country safe and free. 

A day to remember... our loved ones who are no longer with us, but will forever be in our hearts.

A day to remember... the pride of our Country.

A day to remember... to raise our Flag.

A day of remembrance.

Forever in our hearts.

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Memorial Day

"Do you have a Golden Horse"

Horses Are Our Lives Chat Group

Horses Are Our Lives Chat Group

Horses are our lives. They are in our blood. They are a part of our heart and soul and backbone. It doesn't matter if we own a horse or not, or even if we ride or not, because what matters is that we have a love for horses. All horses, no matter size, breed, gender, temperament ...well maybe temperament! I have a love for horses and I want to share what I know and what I feel with you. I am on a search for what horses mean to me. I hope you come along on the ride with me!

The journey begins. Centered Riding has started my journey. I will share what I am learning about Centered Riding and how it is making me a better rider. I will share how that is making me a better horsewoman also.

We can talk about your journey and where you are at and where you want to go.

I will continue trail riding. I will talk about the riding lessons and training that I do. We will talk about your lessons and horse training, how you are doing and what you want to achieve. We will talk about tack and horse care. We will talk about whatever you want to talk about, as long as it pertains to horses, riding, or getting to know horses.

More importantly, we will talk about getting into the minds of the horse and learn about how the horse reacts. And we will respect each other’s opinions and learn from each other.

Come along on the ride, and journey, with me.

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2014 Foals are Arriving!

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