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Rushcreek Broodmares, Shalimar Playboy & Foals

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2016 Rushcreek Bred Foals

About Shalimar Horses


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Shalimar Horses was founded by Dr. William L. Munson and his wife.  On January 16, 1944, they were married and established Shalimar Farms in Cambridge, Illinois, and so began one of the strongest and most important partnerships in the Arabian breed in the United States to date.

In 1943, the desert bred mare, Rihani had been leased from Dr. John Reardon of Peoria, Illinois. Rihani had been purchased from Margaret Shuey of the famed Sunny Acres Farm while in foal to *Raffles, producing Raffani. From that point on, Shalimar's *Raffles horses included some of *Raffles most successful offspring.

Sons of *Raffles owned by Shalimar included: our foundation stallion Garaff (*Raffles x Woengren), Imaraff, Handeyraff, Rafflesson, Rhazauraff, and the gelding Sanraff. Beginning in 1942, my grandpa purchased the *Raffles x Imagida foal in utero; the resulting foal turned out to be the mare Rafgida. Other *Raffles daughters have included: Flaia, Wadeya, Raffani, Ylla, Rafla, Rafeyma, Rafleyma, Rose of Raswan and Cassandra (with Bazy Tankersly).

During the 1950s and 1960s Shalimar Arabians was a family breeding and showing operation. Horses were shown throughout the Midwest and a strong *Raffles band of horses was developed.

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