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Endurance and Trail Riding Horses

"To Finish is to Win"

Rushcreek Allie

Rushcreek Allie is not for sale.

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oto album

Rushcreek Bonita

Rushcreek Bonita is not for sale.  Bonita is now in the broodmare herd.

At only 6 years of age, she had competed in 1 LD endurance ride and 4 CTR's, and we rode the Tevis Educational Ride in CA, hauling wonderfully from Nebraska! She has ridden in 2 or 3 Centered Riding Clinics as well as a Buck Brannaman clinic.

Now in the Broodmare Herd.

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Rushcreek Classic

Rushcreek Classic

Sire: HV Suns Heaven and Earth 

Dam: Rushcreek Natka, Comar Raphael x Rushcreek Gwen

Classic was started as a 3 year old on the Rushcreek Ranch.

I will be riding her this fall.


Rushcreek Tess

Rushcreek Tess: SOLD

Rushcreek Greta

Rushcreek Greta - SOLD

Sire: HV Suns Heaven and Earth x

Dam: Rushcreek Reata, Comar Raphael x Rushcreek Gwen

Rushcreek Ariel

Rushcreek Ariel

Not For Sale

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